Humility and dedication have carried many of the world’s most beloved performers from modest beginnings to iconic levels of fame. And while success can often push those two intangibles aside, the great ones remember the struggle upwards, drawing on it to find balance. Having endured their share of hardships, the Jamaican-born members of JamBallaz understand that balance and are using it to bring an even greater message to the people: Think Big. JamBallaz combine the soothing Caribbean rhythms of the late Bob Marley with the varied pop sensibilities of stars like Sean Paul and Akon.

The group was able to establish a significant following in Jamaica, helped by steady radio spins on the famed Irie FM. But after reaching a point where they felt they’d done all they could in their homeland, the group decided to make the move to America. JamBallaz left the island nation in the summer of 2005, settled in Paterson, NJ and immediately cut their first mixtape, “United Rudeboyz of America,” with Pyramid Sound Studios. The project became a runaway hit in Jamaica, but the buzz didn’t quite translate to the A&R’s and industry ears stateside. This just provided fuel for the fire. Over the next few years, the group continued to push forward, battling financial setbacks, bogus contracts and almost every other challenge an independent group could face.

JamBallaz remained steadfast and continued to work, however, driven purely by their passion for music. They formed a new philosophy to “create music for everyone,” believing no one should be left out of enjoying their songs, and dedicated a second mixtape, “ExtraTerrestrial,” to that new ideal. They worked to perfect their process, as well, opting to formulate verses in their heads and then allowing their natural freestyle abilities to take over while recording. This “puzzle-piece” approach was a unique experience and positioned them for new chapters. With confidence high and their buzz continuing to build in the streets, the mentality of the group is more focused than ever.

They’ve always had an unwavering belief in themselves, and, combined with the lessons of their homeland and a raw, uncompromising dedication to music, have complete a new EP entitled “RegHop”. Their work has grown to new dynamics in a way that places them in a new lane only best described as RegHop.They have spent their every waking moment using their determination to create such a quality of art it attaches itself to its listeners infusing their sense to another musical level the world needs. “All of us came to America to show that through hard work, you can accomplish a dream,” Ice said in a recent interview. “We know who JamBallaz are, we know where we came from. My brother and I are more than what people see and hear; all of us are, and people should believe that! That’s the heart of our music. Everyone needs to dream in color, to see a larger picture. I’ve always said big men think big, and small men think small. We are not small men.”- Don Ice


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